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You’ll Know When You Get There

Contact: Lorraine Stamp
Location Somerton Somerset Telephone: 07734 463206 Website:
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As the Founder of You’ll Know When You Get There, all things personal development Lorraine Stamp stands passionately for YOU, and your business. Enabling you to achieve your life and business aspirations.

She creates an open and safe space for you to clarify intentions, explore possibilities and clear obstacles to make things happen. Her sessions are described as inspiring, energetic, impactful and transformative. Most saying “life changing”.

In addition to her own practice, Lorraine has served as coach, speaker and facilitator for various organisations over the years. And, she’s a master coach, hypnotist, Mindfulness and Meditation practitioner too.

Before coaching, she headed up many talent and development programmes, ran learning live events, ran soft skill and technical trainings across a broad range of skills and had a realisation back in 2017 that she wanted to be able to serve more people to help them live a fulfilling life.

Lorraine’s own life journey came with a lot of adversity to overcome, suffering with PTSD she decided that it was time to take control back of her life and started on her own road of recovery of which her coaching and transformation programmes share her lessons in life to help many others.

As an award winning TEDx speaker, qualified Coach, life coach, NLP Practitioner, MBTi Practitioner, Strengths Practitioner, EQ2 practitioner, Advanced Hypnotist, Mindfulness and Meditation Practitioner Lorraine is ready to help you start the journey of transformation to take you on a new path to success.

As a business we run 121 and group coaching, workshops, programmes, speaking at your events.

We specialise in helping people to be mentally, emotionally and physically strong through courses on Mindfulness, Meditation and Happiness Coaching too.

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