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Langport Connect Presentation by Trudi Zimmer on how to avoid scams!

This is a recording of the July 2021 Langport Connect networking event and presentation with Trudi Zimmer of NatWest.

Did you know you are more likely to fall victim to a scam or fraud than any other crime and that only 5% of people who fall victim to a scam actually report it…scary facts….

Join a presentation that will raise awareness and support you with feeling more protected in the current climate. The talk will cover the most current scams with examples and cover such areas as The Scam Cycle, Impersonation Scams, Personal Information, Money Mules, Romance Scams, Social Media and Passwords . You will also get places you can get further information and help shared.

I am Trudi Zimmer a Community Banker with over 30 years of banking experience but for the last 4 years as part of my role have been delivering these presentations within the community both face to face and virtually.

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