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Langport Connect with guest speaker Judith Ludovino – May 20th 2021

This months development session will be provided by Judith Ludovino from TelePA, who will be presenting “Is you mobile phone your weakest link? Say goodbye!”.

Judith Ludovino’s career has relied heavily on telephone communications for the past 40 years. In 2004 she launched TelePA, operating from Wells, a business that manages incoming calls and the sales opportunities they bring for a South West centric client base in the B2B arena.

TelePA has an exemplary reputation built on the success the service brings its customers.

Managing calls may seem a simple offering, however doing it well, consistently, takes skills we are not born with, and in today’s talk Judith will share these with you. You will also gain an insight into what new technology offerings can provide to make sure you don’t suffer from poor, crackly call quality – there are inexpensive alternatives that will guarantee you crystal clear telephone calls, every time.

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